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Knoll Gardens

Carex Secta

Carex secta is a very attractive evergreen sedge from New Zealand that is proving to be a very valuable garden plant. Not only does it form wonderful rounded mounds of glossy green foliage, over a period of time it forms little ‘haystacks’ of old foliage and root that give it an appearance of a gradually increasing central stem which becomes more of a feature with age.

Having been growing successfully for a few years on their muddy island in a small pond in the gardens last winters weather destroyed the top growth leaving just the old ‘haystack’ visible and we rather though they had succumbed to our less than hospitable weather. But as you will see from the pictures a whole set of new leaves began emerging from the very top of the stack and has since made rapid growth to recover lost ground.

Beautiful and tough !!

We also have another group growing in dry shade, and while not quite as exhuberant as those seen here they are still making great cover.

Beautiful, tough…. and adaptable !!