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November 2023

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5 steps to design your own garden

5 Easy steps to DIY design

With such an amazing range of plants to choose from we appreciate just how it might appear confusing to some people, especially those comparatively new to gardening or gardening with grasses. In fact it is fairly straightforward, even fun, to do.

Try our free DIY online approach

If you enjoy the challenge of creating your own planting scheme –
but like a little help along the way – you’ll like our practical DIY approach.
We know there is an amazing range of plants to choose from and that this
can be confusing – especially if you are new to gardening, or gardening with grasses.
Our simple, free, five-step plan has been created especially to help you.
We’ll help you establish what you’d like to achieve, and even list some of the
most suitable plants for specific locations and special effects.

With our DIY approach and a little time and effort you can plan and plant,
and then get ready to sit back and enjoy your garden.
Take the first step now…

Step 1; Whats needed – what you are looking to achieve

Step 2; Site soil and aspect – what you need to know

Step 3; Preparation – getting the area ready for planting

Step 4; Choosing and buying your plants

Step 5; Planting and subsequent aftercare