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Knoll Gardens

Changing Seasons in the Garden

One of four new seasonal walks, Changing Seasons in the Garden offers a unique opportunity to spend time with Neil Lucas as part of Knoll’s 25-year anniversary celebrations. Each individual walk will focus on the garden’s changing seasonal highlights; from spectacular individual plants to mass plantings of Knoll’s acclaimed grasses, and the rare and unusual trees and shrubs that form the backbone of the garden. On route you’ll also find out a little more about Neil’s 25 years at Knoll, his aim to have a flower in bloom on every day of the season, and how he is looking after the garden’s wildlife.

Book on to all four walks to have the further opportunity of experiencing at first hand the spectacular seasonal changes that take place every year at Knoll, watching grasses come from ground level to five or six feet high in a matter of weeks and enjoying the garden’s annual journey from the first spring shoots of bright greens to the stunning glow of autumn colour.

This is the last of a series of four bimonthly walks. Each walk costs £10 or book all four for just £35. Seasonal walks take place on 25 April, 27 June, 22 August and 24 October.

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