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Knoll Gardens

Midsummer Outdoor Concert with Gerauschhersteller

A rare opportunity to experience the work of one of the greatest living composers of classical music performed by Dorset-based musical ensemble Gerauschhersteller in the glorious naturalistic setting of Knoll Gardens. Premiered in San Fransciso in 1964, this meditative work consists of 53 short repeated melodies in C major. However, every performance has a totally unique quality as how often the melody is repeated, or intensified is determined by each musician, providing no player is ever three melodies behind or ahead of the others. Since its first performance, In C created a new way of looking at making music – putting the musicians very much in control of the final piece as they react to each other, the ambiance of the performance and its setting.

Gerauschhersteller performed at Knoll last year. Their new CD features highlights of that performance. For this midsummer evening concert please bring rugs, blankets and a picnic to best enjoy this innovative meditative 1960s experience.

Gates open at 7pm and close at 9.30pm

For this special performance £7.50 of every ticket purchase will be donated to the garden’s charity, the Knoll Gardens Foundation.

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