Looking good at the moment…..

Last weekends storm had the most amazing thunder and lightening I can recall that took out our internet for nearly a week; but it did also provide us with almost and inch and a half of rain (in 40 minutes!) and so the garden has been looking great this week. Persicaria polymorpha (above), has once again achieved a mass of foam like flower against which the spikes of Calamagrostis Waldenbuch (left), look so beautiful in our Mill End borders.

Our new experimental Sunny Meadow (above), is looking fab at the moment. So many plants to comment on here but the purplish upright spikes of the Salvia Caradonna look so wonderful especially in partnership with the dainty pink flowers of Dianthus carthusianorum.

In the Dragon Garden the incredible self sown spires of Verbascum olympicum are quite magnificent at the moment. We can take no credit for these as they are completely self sown; and long may they continue to do so!

Molini Dauerstrahl is just starting to be really effective in the Decennium border but seen in the early morning dew (below) it takes on yet another quality.

Not to be outdone the plant centre has also some great combinations (below), such as the massively popular Pennisetum Red Buttons backed by the new Gaura Karalee White.

Astrantias are all rather beautiful and Astrantia Roma (below) is certainly no exception providing its pincushion like flowers even while still on the sales bench!

At the other end of the height scale are the veronicastrums which are so valuable as taller plants with their striking upright reaching finger like flowers. There are several to choose from but one of my favourites has to be Veronicastrum Lavendelturm (below), which is looking simply delicious in the Mill End borders right now.

While just a little further around the corner (below), there is one of my favourite views across the Lower Lawn to the Decennium border where Phlomis russeliana is providing such great contrast. Such a fabulous time of year !!