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Knoll Gardens

August 2022

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Molinia Poul Petersen

This wonderful form of our native purple moor grass, Molinia Poul Petersen, is amongst the very best selections of one of our native grasses that work so well as an ornamental grass in our gardens. As you can see from this picture taken only a few days ago the simple use of several plants together to create a drift or block gives the wow factor while being so simple to look after. So much easier than using too many plants in a border that can then get complicated and difficult to maintain. ‘More Wow and Less Work’ is a very practical maxim when using ornamental grasses in our borders – elegant simplicity.
In this planting the molinia is backed by a solid grouping of Joe Pye Weed, Eupatorium Atropurpureum, which although coming from dampish places actually grows very well with us on our dry sandy soil as long as we keep it well mulched and with the occasional drink in very dry weather.
Almost out of shot to the right are the flowers of another ornamental grass Miscanthus Starlight, a recent Knoll Gardens introduction chosen for its compact free flowering nature.