Kniphofia, the pokers, have quite thick fleshy leaves produced in clumps form which arise very distinctive ‘poker’ like spikes of flower during summer. Many selections have been made over the years. Happiest in open sunny positions and average to dry soils.

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    Grown primarily for its superb sea green to waxy grey blue foliage from which arise sporadic stems of yellow & salmon red flowers in summer. Makes large clumps. Sunny open spot. Soil not too wet. Height 70cm – 90cm.

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    Selected by John May for its especially attractive Apricot coloured pokers that open from green buds during summer. Sunny well drained spot. Height; 70cm – 90cm.

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    Distinctively coloured poker having tawny brown buds opening cream on bronzed stems above good clumps of green foliage. Sunny open spot. Soil not too wet. Height 1m-1.2m.