Carex remota


A lovely native sedge forming attractive mounds of bright green leaves which can be topped with short widely spaced pale yellow flower spikes in spring. Long lived, durable, and will do well in some sun or shade. Soils not too dry. Height; 30cm – 50cm.

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9 cm

How many plants will I need?

3 – 5 Plants Per Square Metre


This native ornamental sedge is largely Evergreen: Comb or rake off any old, tired or dead leaves and flowers in spring. During harder winters, and even some difficult cultural conditions, the usually evergreen foliage of this sedge can go brown and dormant. In this eventuality the old browned foliage can be trimmed off in late winter (especially if planted in association with early bulbs), or early spring as the plant breaks back into growth. This can be done on an annual basis if required and will encourage healthy fresh growth from the base.


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