Miscanthus Cindy


A Knoll Gardens selection. Relatively compact mounds of fine green foliage topped by many delicately pendulous heads of pinky red flowers held clear above the foliage from high summer onwards. Sunny open spot. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.2m – 1.5m.

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Pot Size

2 Litre

How many plants will I need?

1 – 3 Plants Per Square Metre


These ornamental grasses are Deciduous: Cut back stems close to ground level from late February through to the end of March. Cut stems can be left on border as natural mulch or composted.

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    This delicate looking grass forms clumps of narrow light green foliage which can turn quite deep red autumnal colours. Masses of elegant silvery pinkish red flowers create a light and airy effect. Needs very sunny & well drained spot. Height 90cm – 1.2m.

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    A long established, and superb selection, with many elegant slightly pendant initially dark pinkish flowers in late summer. Good autumn foliage colour. Sunny open spot. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.7m – 2m.

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    Outstanding form making impressive rounded mounds of attractive narrow leaves covered in masses of delicate buff white flowers. Previously known as Yakushima Dwarf, a name applied to several broadly similar compact seedlings, this is a cultivar name chosen by us intended to identify this specific form. Sun or light shade. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.2m – 1.5m.

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    A Knoll Gardens selection from Yakushima Dwarf. Starlight slowly forms neat mounds of relatively narrow silvered green foliage topped by masses of pinkish silvery beige flowers and is amongst the best compact free flowering selections. Sunny open spot. Most soils except wet. Height; 80cm – 1.2m.