Miscanthus Morning Light


Perfectly named, for its upright stems and gracefully arching fine textured cream and green foliage give this form a distinctive lightness. Topped with perfectly matched pinkish flowers in some years. Sunny open spot. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.5m – 1.8m.

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2 Litre

How many plants will I need?

1 – 3 Plants Per Square Metre


These ornamental grasses are Deciduous: Cut back stems close to ground level from late February through to the end of March. Cut stems can be left on border as natural mulch or composted.

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    Forms mounds of relatively bright white centrally banded green foliage during spring from which arise, during early summer, many strongly vertical light and airy flower spikes that gradually turn to silvery tan. Variegation tends to fade as the season progresses. Prefers sun but will take some light shade. Happy in average to quite moist soils. Height; 1.2m – 1.5m.

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    An invaluable upright selection having a very distinctive narrow vertical habit and wide greyish green foliage that turns yellowy orange in autumn. Later flowering. Superb vertical accent. Sunny open spot. Soil not too wet. Height; 1.5m – 1.8m.

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    Forms upright clumps of comparatively wide ribbon leaves that offer green centres and striking creamy white margins. Creates a magnificent foliage effect. Occasional red flowers emerging in late summer. Sun or light shade. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.8m-2m.

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    Impressive, comparatively wide ribbon like foliage is boldly marked with creamy white centres and dark green margins that make sturdy upright clumps. Foliage based with only occasional flowering. Best in sunny open position. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.8m – 2m.