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Knoll Gardens

June 2022

The Nursery and Garden are currently open tuesday to saturday 10am to 5pm.

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The Start of a Whole New Season

This time of year really is peak season for the garden; and with so many of the grasses and perennials at their very best, superbly supported by glorious woody plants, it is not too difficult to see why. Autumn may mark the end of the summer but it is also the start of a whole new season that offers as much beauty, mystery and sheer gardening delight as any other.

DSC00814 This is the lower end of the Long Walk (above), where it meets the Decennium border and is planted with molinia, miscanthus, persicaria and panicum that form a ground pattern beneath some of the gardens statement spindle trees.

DSC00956The Mill End borders (above), are at their magnificent full height at this time with the tall Arundo donax and Miscanthus giganteus both being dwarfed by the massive leaves of the annually pollarded Paulownia. In front  of these the pinky white flowers of the 2 metre tall Persicaria polymorpha look small in comparison!

Below are two images of the Dragon Garden with its centrally place pool (and home of the Dragon!), which is surrounded by our Meadow style naturalistic plantings of grasses and perennials that are just outstanding at this time of year.



While looking at the Dragon garden from the Wisteria walk, and since the removal of one of the hedges several year ago, it is now possible to catch a glimpse (below), of the Lower Lawn and its wonderful canoe birch, Betula papyifera.


Coming from the Dragon to the Gravel garden Pennisetum macrourum, yucca and Arundo donax Macrophylla help frame a more expansive view (below), of the Lower Lawn and the magnificent specimen willow oak, Quercus phellos, off to the right.


Looking at the Decennium border (below), a large leaved vine ascends the trunk of an old pine that was lost in a previous storm while vibrant grasses such as Miscanthus Flamingo, Miscanthus Cindy, Sesleria Greenlees Hybrid and the tall Cortaderia Sunningdale Silver provide an autumnal wealth of colour shape and texture.


The fallen eucalyptus continues to amaze us in the Water garden (below), with it healthy regrowth at its new atmospheric angle, while Pontaderia cordata, the pickerel weed, offers pollinator friendly blue flowers and the distinctively elegant canna like foliage of Thalia dealbata (far left), never fails to draw admiring comments.


Not to be outdone the Nursery sales area (below), can have some lovely plant combinations too; such as this early morning image of Pennisetum Fairy Tails, Agastache Black Adder and Panicum Northwind.


Such a beautiful time of year !!