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Knoll Gardens

January 2022

The Nursery and Garden are currently closed to onsite visitors re opening Tuesday 1st February 2022.

Orders can still be placed via the website during this period and currently being despatched 7 to 10 working days from date of order.

When to cut back your borders

Dont do it…… least not yet!!
Not too long ago the tradition was to cut back our borders in the autumn – to ‘tidy’ them for winter. This may seem rather odd to us now, but of course when borders were based largely on flowers and not so much on shape and form and longevity of display borders often looked very messy, with no shape, and in need of that tidy up as there was nothing left worth really looking at for the autumn and winter. Not so today! Using ornamental grasses and what are often termed modern flowering perennials in our borders not only can we look forward to a long season of display with comparatively little work but we can expect our borders to look good into autumn, right up past christmas and deep into winter. It is true the display will consist of more subtle muted tones as you will see from the picture, but with a bit of sunshine the old foliage will still sparkle and all the different tones, shades and shapes will come alive. As if this wasnt enough keeping your borders intact for the winter provides much needed shelter and food for our garden wildlife.
Our borders at Knoll Gardens are cut back in March each year and the old stems are now cut into smaller pieces and left on the border as a mulch; saving even more time, and mulching in one operation!