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Knoll Gardens

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Knoll Gardens Foundation

Providing an example of tomorrow’s gardens – today

The Knoll Gardens Foundation was launched in 2008. The charity is dedicated to refining and promoting a wildlife-friendly naturalistic gardening style using the garden at Knoll as a practical example and base for experimentation.

The charity aims to provide practical advice and education to help gardeners avoid wasting valuable long-term natural resources on short-term horticultural effects. By promoting the use of sustainable gardening practices to protect wildlife habitats, reduce water usage and encourage biodiversity, we aim to ensure the long term health of our green spaces for the benefit of future generations.

The Knoll Gardens Foundation also runs a programme of events, all designed to help gardeners across the UK create truly stunning gardens that are both wildlife-friendly and reduce reliance on scare natural resources.

Whilst we believe in responsible gardening, we don’t think it should be boring. It should be enjoyable; good for the gardener, good for wildlife and good for the environment. And it should achieve that whilst still bringing the ’wow factor’ to your garden.

You’ll find more information on our dedicated website, as well as details of coming events and how to join us as a volunteer. If you are passionate about gardening we’d love to hear from you.