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Look, Learn and Share

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Whether you are passionate about sustainable gardening, or simply value Knoll Gardens as a tranquil haven, we would like you to consider supporting our work. Your gift of money or time as a volunteer will be of direct benefit to our research and education programmes, and help us promote the horticultural practices used at Knoll to help everyone create sustainable, wildlife friendly, and truly beautiful gardens.

The KGF maintains an active volunteer scheme that is involved with the garden wildlife surveys, helps support the upkeep and improvement of the garden and is engaged in the labelling and recording of all the plants within the garden.


Why we want you

Are you passionate about gardening or our natural environment? Time to spare and want to make a difference? If so, we would love to hear from you. We are looking for volunteers to support the Foundations work within the gardens through a variety of different roles including Garden Mapping and Plant Curatorial volunteers.

What’s in it for you?

As well as making a difference to a local, nationally recognised Garden in beautiful surroundings, this is a great opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds and to work as part of a small friendly team. You will learn a lot about why we garden the way we do, absorbing some of the techniques we teach in our masterclasses, which are part of day-to-day life here at Knoll. It is a short step to then using them to great effect within your own garden.

Current Openings

Please find below a list of our current volunteer openings at the Knoll Gardens Foundation. If you are interested in any of these roles please download our application form here


The Knoll Gardens Foundation (KGF) is a Charitably Incorporated Organization (CIO), with a Board of Trustees who are responsible for the strategic direction and ongoing performance of the charity.

Current Trustees

Rowena Jecock – Chair of Trustees
My background is in botany and microbiology, which I have always found fascinating. Having now retired, I am delighted to be able to help the Foundation deliver on its aim to continually develop and share its understanding of this very special garden and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Neil Lucas
My family arrived at Knoll in 1994 and I have since spent my time working on the garden and the specialist nursery. I am a Director of Knoll Gardens, author and ex RHS Council member.

Ross Humphrey
Having worked at the nursery since leaving school I am now a Director of Knoll Gardens and together with Neil and Andrea set up the charity in 2008.

Nikki Haswell
I am a self employed garden designer and gardener with considerable experience of working in the charity sector.

Rebecca Bourdon
I am an experienced communications and fundraising specialist, with an ever growing passion for horticulture.

Andrea D’Souza
My career to-date has been in corporate finance for the pharmaceutical industry so I work all day on computer screens. I am therefore passionate about my garden and green spaces and how much they enhance my well being. For me, being a KGF trustee is about sharing the wonder of nature in these spaces.

Helen McIllmurray
I am a happily retired ex food teacher, amateur gardener and Knoll volunteer who enjoys tranquil gardens, and wildlife friendly planting.

The KGF is always interested to hear from individuals who feel they may be able to contribute to the work of the KGF by becoming a trustee.

Current Vacancy

Extending our wildlife survey and research activities

We would like to build on the survey work that is currently done at Knoll, including the commissioning of a biodiversity audit, as indicated above. Additionally, we hope to devise/participate in research activities that contribute to improving the understanding of how gardens can best support a diversity of wildlife.  We are looking for a trustee with relevant experience in nature conservation/ecological survey methods to advise and assist us with this.

Trustee Responsibilities.

You will be a part of the small Board of Trustees for KGF whose overall  responsibilities are to:

  • Set the direction and aims/objectives of the Foundation
  • Ensure that the Foundation functions within the legal and financial requirements set by the Charity Commission
  • Ensure that the policies of the Foundation are appropriate and in keeping with its aims
  • Help the Foundation secure resources to achieve its aims
  • Monitor/evaluate progress of the Foundation’s work towards its objectives
Our general requirements for  trustees are for people who
  • are committed to supporting the ethos of the Foundation
  • are enthusiastic, can communicate effectively, and are willing to share their knowledge and inspire others
  • would be willing to be involved in KGF practical events/activities
  • are able to work as part of a team and accept group responsibility
  • live locally, within a practical travelling distance of Knoll Gardens
Terms and Conditions of trusteeship
  • The term of elected trustees is variable, but up to 3 years initially.
  • Trustees should be available for 2-3 meetings a year, held at Knoll Gardens on a Friday afternoon, and willing to participate in occasional events in the gardens.
  • Accountability is to the Board

Further information about the role of a trustee can be found in the following Charity Commission document The Essential Trustee

How to apply

Please provide a covering letter to the KGF Chair, Rowena Jecock, detailing your attributes and skills, and your reasons for wishing to become a trustee.

Please include the names and contact details of two people who could vouch for your abilities to serve as a trustee, to whom we could speak if necessary.

If you’d like to know more before applying, and/or to visit the garden, please feel free to contact Rowena Jecock or Neil Lucas, Director of Knoll Gardens, for an informal chat.  This can be arranged by emailing the Foundation at

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