How to Care for Grasses

Cutting back of most deciduous grasses is usually from early February through to end of March.

Late winter and early spring is the time when we start cutting back many of the grasses and preparing them for the season to come. Though with the relatively mild and damp winters that we are currently experiencing we are revising our timescales and altering our approach where appropriate in order to meet the current conditions and needs of the plants.

For our latest advice and to see how we look after our grasses at Knoll take a look at our recently updated gallery How to Care for Grasses.

We now cut some of our grasses back rather earlier than we did previously to allow for the growth of early season bulbs that might otherwise be damaged by a later cut back.
The neatly rounded shapes of the recently cut Poa labillardierei contrast effectively with the spiky evergreen foliage of Libertia grandiflora in the Dry Meadow.
In spite of the wet and windy winter weather Panicum Sea Mist is still standing, resolute and rather beautiful, in the Mill End borders.