Muhlenbergia, or Muhly Grass, are a very graceful group of plants that revel in a mediterranean climate, but a few species can be convinced to grow outside in the U.K. provided they have full sun and a well drained soil.

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    One of the most distinctive of the muhly grasses with gracefully curving bamboo like stems supporting billowing masses of cloud like tiny green foliage. Sunny open position. Best in pots. Tender, but will take some frost if kept dry. Height; 90cm – 1.2m. Evergreen only with sufficient protection.

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    Basal clumps of attractive blueish grey leaves which tolerate hot dry conditions. Upright stems of lighter grey flower spikes produced in good summers. Borderline hardy, needing sunny well drained soils and not for colder areas. Height; 70cm – 1m.

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    Clump forming mounds of grey green leaves topped by characteristic very narrow delicately arching flowerstems in high summer. Creates a most distinctive outline. Borderline hardy and requires a sunny well drained position. Soil not wet. Height; 1.2m – 1.5m.