Sedum, the Ice Plants, are a wide ranging group with the border types recently being reclassified as Hylotelephium. These tend to be clump forming with fleshy leaves that are topped with flat heads of individually tiny flowers and come in various colours shades and sizes. All are happy in a sunny open aspect and with soils that are average to dry.

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    Mounds of fleshy grey green foliage and flat heads of pinkish red flowers very attractive to butterflies. Well established cultivar. Sunny open spot. Height 45cm-60cm.

    Also known as Hylotelephium Herbstfreude.

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    Superb plant with fleshy maroon stained stems & foliage topped by striking rose pink flowerheads in summer. Excellent plant and one of the very best sedums yet produced for garden use. Sunny open, well drained spot. Height; 45cm – 60cm.

    Also known as Hylotelephium Matrona.