Ammophila arenaria


Native marram or beach grass found mostly close to the coast where its rapidly spreading nature makes it excellent for stabilising sand dunes. Has wiry grey green foliage and sporadic strongly upright buff flowerheads. Tough plant for a tough position. Sunny open spot. Soil not too wet. Height; 80cm – 1m.

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2 Litre

How many plants will I need?

3 – 5 Plants Per Square Metre


These ornamental grasses may be regarded as Semi Evergreen in so far as they can retain some green foliage throughout the winter months, though in most winters much of this foliage will turn brown but remain persistent on the plant. Generally it is best to leave most of the foliage intact, though a light tidy and removal of some dead leaves and old flowerstems in spring can be effective. Ammophila can be cut to the base if necessary but may take some time to recover and put on new growth.


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