Arundo donax


Giant reed. A most architectural plant with huge bamboo like upright stems and gently drooping leaves of grey green that can create an imposing feature. Will make vigorous clumps. Good for tall screens where space permits. Sunny well drained spot. Height; 3m plus.

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Plant Information

Pot Size

2 Litre

How many plants will I need?

1 – 3 Plants Per Square Metre


These ornamental grasses are Semi Evergreen: Treat as for Evergreens except if looking tired these can be cut back hard in Spring. (Evergreens: Comb or rake off any old, tired or dead leaves and flowers in spring.) Leaving old stems un cut can encourage new side growths.

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    An amazing old cultivar; the standard by which others are judged. Forms large striking columns of silver veined broad foliage & flowerheads of the darkest purple red fading silver. Sunny open position. Most soils except wet. Height; 1.8m – 2.1m.

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    A very tall grass. Wide dark green elegantly pendulous foliage with white central vein on tall, upright, vigorous clumps. Occasional pink flowers during long summers. Fabulous for foliage effect or screening. Sunny open spot. Most soils except wet. Height; 3m plus.