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November 2023

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Poa labillardierei


A very beautiful grass forming distinctive mounds of steely blue narrow foliage from which comes a succession of most delicate looking silvery blue flowerheads during summer. Foliage tends to turn green with low sunlight. Sunny open spot. Soil not wet. Height; 1m – 1.2m or up to 1.5m if uncut.

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Plant Information

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    1 - 3 Plants Per Square Metre

Plant Care

These ornamental grasses are Semi Evergreen. They can be cut back to the base during early spring to achieve a mound of fresh bluish grey foliage by late spring. They can also be left uncut, when they may become more green foliaged during the winter, and will attain a slightly more shaggy appearance with age. If uncut they may achieve around 1.5m in height.

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