Thursday 8th December 2022

Wednesday had the first appreciably cold night of the winter with temperatures around -6’c. There was a moon and a clear sky which saw the temperatures drop to the extent that the garden was covered in a white frost on Thursday morning. The clear skies allowed for some early morning sunshine and as you will see from the following images the effect of the low sunlight on the frosted outlines of the plants was quite magical. All images were taken before 9am on the 8th December.

Looking along the Long Walk from the Decennium

The icy blue foliage of Poa labillardierei in the Dry Meadow
Miscanthus, pampas, spindles and nandina
The Long Walk with Pennisetum Piglet in the foreground
A magical light display from a selection of a native grass Deschampsia Goldgehange
Looking across the Long Walk from the Shady Garden
The frost free foliage of oaks backlighting the still frozen plants that the sunlight has yet to reach.
Frozen poa in the Dry Meadow patiently awaiting the morning sunlight.
Welcome sunlight about to arrive on the Decennium border
The still frozen flowers of the compact Pennisetum Piglet.
Panicum virgatum in the shady foreground looking towards sunlit miscanthus growing in the Decennium border.
Sunlight starting to illuminate the new growing field