Plants that will grow in boggy, watery and marginal conditions in sunny open positions.

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    Bowles golden sedge. A selected native, especially vibrant in the spring, forming graceful clumps of bright gold and green striped foliage  that is topped with attractive flowers. Avoid hot dry positions. Best in average to damp soils. Can be grown as a pond marginal. Height; 55cm Р75cm.

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    Greater Tussock Sedge. A native of the UK and Europe this sedge forms large mounds of attractive gently pendulous green foliage, and as they mature gradually form a distinctive central trunk. Will grow in a range of soil types and from occasional damp to waters edge. Happiest in open conditions it may tolerate some light shade. Height; 1.2 – 1.5m.

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    Native sedge which can form dense clumps of tough dark green pendulous foliage. Tall graceful flowering stems with drooping yellow catkin like flowers. Sun, shade, wet or dry. Great for tough conditions but can re-seed vigorously. Height; 1.2m – 1.5m (up to 1.8m in flower in good soils).

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    Looking great in our Long Walk borders this selection is perhaps a little shorter than most but with all the character and butterfly power! Best in sunny spot. Average to moist soil. Height 1.5m – 1.8m.

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    Selected form of Juncus patens forming gradually spreading clumps of greyish blue upright stems and typical brown rush like insignificant flowers. Best foliage colour in sun. Happy in damp to wet soils but will tolerate reasonably dry. Height; 40cm – 50cm.