The Low Light and Mellow Mornings of Autumn

With the arrival of September almost invariably the light takes on a rather distinctive, soft and mellow quality that helps to make this time of year the special time that it is. Many of the fabulous flowering grasses are at their peak during high summer and autumn and when highlighted with low sunlight their flowers seem to reflect every drop of autumnal sunshine in a dazzling, if short lived, display of texture and light that is natures very own light show.

Deschampsia Mill End alight with early morning sunshine

Calamagrostis are well known for their relatively slender generally upright pointing flowers which will catch every ounce of sunshine. Calamagrostis Karl Foerster and Calamagrostis Overdam are two long established selections that always delight.

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster in the Decennium border
Calamagrostis Overdam on the edge of the Sunny Meadow

Poa labillardierei is used as the base or matrix grass for our Dry Meadow, a relatively recent planting in what is generally known as the meadow style. In the very early morning this first poa (below), soaks up the morning rays before they reach the rest of the meadow.

Poa labillardierei in the Dry Meadow
Miscanthus Malepartus

In the Decennium Border the tall, upright and magnificent Miscanthus Malepartus together with Eupatorium Atropurpureum (above) bathe in the early morning light. While elsewhere in the same border the soft pink and gently pendulous flowers of the more compact, and amazingly lovely, Miscanthus Cindy catch the same early morning rays as they creep along the length of the border. A moving spectacle of light and shadow.

Panicum Straight Cloud to left and Miscanthus Cindy to right
Pennisetum Cassians Choice

While at the edge of the Sunny Meadow a relatively young Pennisetum Cassians Choice has its fresh flowers lit up in shades of amber, red and orange in a fleeting if memorable display.

Molinia, deschampsia, miscanthus and calamagrostis in the New Field

Even in our two growing fields where the grasses are simply grown in batches and blocks the combination of elegant and airy flowers when fuelled by soft morning light and the first of the seasons dews are a feast for the senses.

Pennisetum and panicum in the Old Field